Flexibility and Lightweight
Polyethylene pipe is light and flexible. This makes the pipes easy to handle and fast installation. Indirectly, it saves money on installation cost. Certain diameters of pipes that can be produced in coils are very suitable for uneven terrain
Easy Installation
Polyethylene pipe can be joining by many methods. Either by Butt fusion, Saddle fusion, Socket fusion or Electro fusion, all of them offer the good and full leak proof joints
Cost Effective, Long Term and Permanent
Significant cost savings can be realized using Polyethylene pipe over traditional materials such as steel, ductile iron, fiberglass or PVC within the same design parameters. Real savings in product costs, installation efficiency and long life expectancy are major advantages of polyethylene pipe
Corrosion, Biological and Chemical Resistant
Polyethylene offers highly desirable properties that make it the preferred choice of pipeline material. The inherent properties of polyethylene make it extremely resistant to scale build up, that leads to decreased flow rates and is impervious to most aggressive chemicals and corrosive elements. An added benefit is that PE fittings are more chemically resistant than stainless steel
Superior Flow Characteristics
The exceptionally smooth inner surface of HDPE pipe offers minimal resistance to flow and the flow remains relatively constant for the life of the pipe, unlike other piping products that must allow for a reduction in flow capacity over time. When using HDPE pipe a higher maximum flow rate for given size can be expected compared to other types of piping materials